I can Switch

part one: first impression after first day.

Day has ended, and it’s Nintendo Switch day, definately.

Started with thinking when I will get it in my hands, ended thinking how good work has been done with whole The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

What was between? Got it, plugged it to charge. I’ve created user, logged into eShop to see… 18 games total. WTF? Really? 18 games? Where are indie games? Where is something that I thought will be on the start – access to Virtual Console and old games from NES and later???

A few new party games, NEOGEO ports, and three titles I really wanted but need to wait as they are unavailable at Switch lauch: Mariokart, Splatoon, Skyrim and my son will want to see Minecraft on Switch. So for the lauch line-up of games – I’m dissapointed, even I love new Zelda.

Size of the Switch. I thought it will be smaller. With joycons, it’s almost the same size as WiiU. A kind big handheld to be honest. A kind of that big, that won’t fit pants’ pockets.

Screen. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Cannot even compare to WiiU screen – my son just said ‘woooow’ seeing Zelda on it.

Zonk one: trying to connect to my wifi network. I went to the router, press Push’n’Connect button and… Switch still wanted me to input password. Why Nintendo? It was so simple with 3DS.

Zonk two: 3 hrs of Zelda and that’s it. Need to load Switch, of course, can put it in dock station and continue on my flat TV, but it’s not freedom of play. I know, big screen, quality of screen, power consumption – I know that all. But in this area Switch is half way from WiiU to 3DS. And maybe it’s great to have it right there – somewhere between. Love the fact I can simply record gameplay thru HDMI to my Gamecapture HDII as on WiiU. Still – to do this on 3DS is too expensive (need to mod the console which is more expensive then console itself).

Apart to these two zonks – great experience. I really enjoyed new Zelda. I’m happy to get this on preorder today, pity there is no Limited edition or Ambassador version like with 3DS/new 3DS.

Switch and play. So I just dit it.


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